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Finally! A management company that does it all, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. With more than 50,000 homes under management, we’re your all-in-one real estate solution.


Our Services

Westward360 has the technology, training, and the resources to become more efficient every day, making things less cumbersome, and more productive. Our services include:

  • Community

    Community Management

    Westward360 serves board members by providing high quality management services with a variety of packages that work for your association.

  • Rental

    Rental Management

    We offer management for local Chicago single-unit condos, multi-family properties, and apartment buildings with up to 400 units

  • Real Estate

    Real Estate Brokerage

    Not only do we manage thousands of rental units and condominium associations all over the city, we also have a full service sales and leasing brokerage ready to serve you!

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It Started at Home

Our company started with friends coming together to build something better. To take on and change a stagnated industry. We started small and worked hard. Today, we’re an industry leader and we continue to grow.

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An Idea was Born

During the process of hiring a property management company for our condo building in Chicago, it dawned on us – this business is ripe for innovation. It was all mom and pop. Which has its place. But we, and our other owners, expected more. A company was born.

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100 and Counting

100 properties was a huge milestone for us. It said we weren’t a little guy any more. It said we were doing things right. It said we were going to stick around. Our hundredth building was a small one, 12 units, in a small neighborhood in Chicago. We still manage them with pride to this day, even as we’ve expanded to other cities. Maybe one day we’ll be global!

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Building Value

As we continued our growth it became obvious that relying on “vendors” to provide the services, quality and customer experience we expected was always going to be a battle. So we decided to build those abilities from the ground up.

We started small but 360PROS includes handyman, plumbing, painting, heating & air, fire safety, exterminating and more. We have more control and accountability and are able to offer added value to our clients as a result. We still work with many talented providers, but we are very proud of our PROS team.

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Technology Matters

Technology was the focus and we were on the forefront. Owners expected automation, ease of billing and communication. We created our own tech stack to meet the demands of our community associations and it paid off quickly. Our competitors couldn’t keep up, and our growth accelerated.

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It’s a core value. TEAM! That’s right, we have the very best talent out there. We knew that we had to hire the best if we were going to be the best. So we made the investment. And it’s paid off 100 times over. From our property managers to our customer service agents to our back of office staff. Well, I’ll just say it… our people are the best in the business.

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500 Buildings Strong

We’ve worked hard. We manage more buildings than almost anyone out there. We consider ourselves pioneers. One of the leaders in this industry. We strongly believe that we have the best employees, the best leadership, and the best vision for how to serve our clients.

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Joining Forces

In 2018 we started conversations with another, similar-sized, property management company. We both agreed – we shared the same values. And, we really liked each other. We decided to join forces. It would give us the scale to reach our goals. To invest more in the service we provide. And it would give us a new perspective.

Since 2018 we have made several acquisitions that have added new talent and strengthened our abilities. We are one team focused every day on being the absolute best in the property management business.

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Over a period of 18 months, we acquired six property management companies, increasing our overall size by more than 25%. We’re moving quickly, competition is shrinking, and it’s become obvious that only those with depth and the very best in customer service will survive. That’s us!

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Talk about a growth spurt! Westward360 grew to manage in excess of $18B in real estate assets having acquired ten competing real estate firms. During that same period, the company grew to more than 450 full time employees, expanding its service offering into the Houston, Las Vegas, Denver and Portland markets. This landed Westward360 on Inc. 5000, a list of the nation’s fastest-growing privately held companies.

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A bit early? Sorry. We’re not done. And, well, we never will be. We’re not perfect, but we work hard every day to evaluate what we’re doing, so we can do it better. Join us. You’ll see the difference – our TEAM is growing and we’re poised for greatness. We believe it’s due to resilience and our dedication to be the best. Our mission, our values, our people. We’re not going anywhere!

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Hear what our clients are saying:

  • “I receive responses within 24 hours and great service every time.”

  • “The plumbers that work for Westward360 are on point.”

  • “Very good work and very responsive throughout the process.”

  • “Our board meetings were well planned and organized.”

  • “I must say that this is, by far, the best team I have worked with.”

  • “Their professionalism and responsiveness created trust within our community.”

It's All About The


We work hard, but this business is hard. So we keep it Glass-ful by working as a team, supporting each other, and capturing and solving the things that get hard. Our team is made up of some of the best talent in the industry – top performers who are constantly striving to provide a better experience to our clients.

Our Core Values: GRIT

Glass-ful | Responsive | Innovative | Team

Westward360 Stats

What’s next? We want to continue our rapid growth and build out our vision by assembling great talent and acquiring new, geographically diverse clients. We can (and will) be the gold-standard in the industry.

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    400+ Full Time Employees


    $16 Billion in Managed Assets

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    Inc. 5000 Top 100 Fastest Growing Real Estate Companies in America

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    More than 750 Buildings Under Management


    50,000+ Homes Under Management

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