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Managing rental properties can be a difficult terrain to navigate. One wrong decision can be the difference between spending money and making money. Successful management requires strategy, plentiful and diverse resources, comprehensive knowledge of codes and regulations, and strong conflict resolution skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Depends on the type of property (condo, apt bldg, SFH, etc.).

A dedicated team of three people who will be your primary contacts) in addition to an accounting team and other support staff.

Monthly: an income/expense report that itemizes every payment received (income) and sent (expenses)

Annually: an income/expense report that includes category subtotals (rent received; utility expenses (per utility), plumbing repairs, HVAC repairs, etc.)

You’ll want to confer with your insurance agent to be sure that you have coverage for a tenant-occupied property. This is sometimes referred to as a “landlord policy” or something similar. We recommend that your liability coverage limit be at least $1,000,000 per occurrence, but that is ultimately your decision.

In the Chicago market, procuring a qualified tenant usually takes 15-45 days if rent is set competitively. It’s important to note that rental rates typically decrease from 5% to 20% during the off-season (roughly October through February), so we recommend and usually attempt to structure leases that start during the off-season to end during the peak season.

If the property is your primary residence and you’re receiving one or more property exemptions as the result of the property being your primary residence, you should lose those exemptions, so your taxes will almost surely increase. Otherwise, nothing, but your property taxes should be (confirm with your accountant) a deductible expense.

We post available properties on the MLS as well as numerous websites to ensure maximum exposure for every property that we lease. We review every applicant’s credit history, criminal background, and eviction history. We also verify every applicant’s income (usually by obtaining several recent pay statements or an employment offer letter) and attempt to obtain a positive reference from each applicant’s previous landlord.

A property owner can choose the criteria (in accordance with fair housing laws) used to evaluate prospective tenants, but we’ve already done this for you. We intentionally do not involve our clients in the tenant selection process so that we substantially reduce the potential for claims related to fair housing violations and to enable us to process applications as quickly as possible. It’s not uncommon for a tenant to move on to a different property if their application isn’t processed and a lease sent within one day (or even a few hours).