Westward360 manages in excess of 50,000 homes nationwide, making it one of the largest privately held property management companies in the country. Our size allows for continued investment into technology, personnel and resources while maintaining a local boutique feel in each market we serve. We expect the growth of Portland to continue over the coming decades and are excited to be a part of the journey.

  • Full Service

    Low flat fee, team approach built for speed, access to our entire suite of services and support.

    Starting from
    $ 350/mo
  • 360Premier

    Concierge-level support, low building-to-manager ratios with dedicated property manager and support team

    Starting from
    $ 1000/mo
  • OnSite

    Full-time onsite management for community associations

    Starting from
    $ 8/mo
  • Financial Only

    Starting from
    $ 250/mo


Starting From
(25 units max)

Starting From
$1000 /mo

Starting From
$8/unit/month +
Manager Salary

Starting From

licensed property managerLicensed Manager
?Managers are put through a rigorous training program, where they start by working through each area of the business – all before being handed a single property. All of our property managers are CAM licensed and in good standing.
Licensed Team Dedicated Dedicated
association meetingsAssociation Meetings
?Managers will meet with the Board in accordance with the Association’s Bylaws to keep things on track. We guide you by serving up actionable strategies to save money, protect assets and enforce the rules and values of your association. Quarterly reporting is robust and easy to understand.
Quarterly-Virtual* Quarterly Monthly
inspectionsProperty Inspections
?Our Property Inspectors will visit your property and provide a detailed Inspection Report. Inspectors utilize the latest technology to document and report potential and existing short and long term brick and mortar issues.
Annual Seasonal Seasonal
budgetBudget Analysis
?We guide you through a process that ensures the health and ongoing security of your homeowner or condo association. Good property management relies heavily on smart budgeting and good reporting. We bring the tools and experience to make this process easy and repeatable year over year.
Annually Annually Annually
maintenance calendarMaintenance Calendar
?Setting up a sound maintenance plan is something we’re passionate about. We believe in putting the important stuff on a seasonal schedule, priced out ahead of time, so there are no surprises and no slip ups when it comes to important, seasonal preventative maintenance.
Annually Annually Annually
property walk throughProperty Walk-through
?Your Property Manager will walk the common areas of the building to ensure the property is in good condition, rules are being followed, and contracted maintenance is being completed.
Initial Monthly Weekly
property journalProperty Journals
?Our proprietary Property Journals are something we create for each association during the onboarding process. It captures basics like number of units, FEIN, quorum requirements, etc., and also granular details like shutoff locations, access instructions, intercoms, storage locations, mechanical logs and more. We also track all active maintenance contracts, expiration dates, vendor preferences, and your recurring maintenance calendar.
✔ ✔ ✔
24 hour support24hr Support
?Our customer support team is second to none. They care deeply about resolving issues and work diligently to consistently improve our service. They are available to you 24-hours a day for routine issues as well as serious emergencies. They use each association’s Property Journal to act quickly to resolve inquiries.
✔ ✔ ✔
emergency servicesEmergency Service
?Our Team is available live 24x7x365. We work closely with our boards to customize their emergency protocol. Protocols and detailed information are added to each Property Journal and used by our Emergency Response team. Every emergency is different, but we show up consistently every time.
✔ ✔ ✔
prosAccess to PROS
?From a lightbulb replacement, to updating a kitchen or cleaning gutters, our team at Westward PROS is on hand to get things done. Our tradesmen do quality work. And, when necessary, have the licensing to do even the most complicated jobs. Our dispatch and operations teams use the latest technology to schedule, route and provide updates on the work we do. PROS is a seamless solution we’re proud to offer.
✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
web portalWeb Portal
?We’re partnered with Buildium™, the leading residential property management software and Zendesk, a customer engagement software giving our clients a web based platform with best-in-class accounting features, real-time financial reporting, banking automation, client communication, and document storage.
✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
real time financialsReal-time Financials
?Board members have access to all income and expense information real-time. Real-time financial reporting includes: Balance Sheets, Budget Statements, Current Homeowners, Homeowner Statements, and Delinquency Reports.
✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
collectionCollection of Assessments & Bill Pay
?We make it easy to collect assessments, virtually or manually, and provide expertise to ensure you’re collecting in a timely manner. Bill pay is a core part of our service – we set it up, receive and pay your association bills while making the tracking, payment and reconciliation process a snap.
✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
operations and supportOperations & Maintenance Support
?Our Team will not only manage the day-to-day issues that may arise, but also manage budgeted projects and recurring maintenance. In doing this, we will develop a scope of work, collect comparable bids and report on status through completion.
✔ ✔ ✔
capital projectsCapital Projects
?Upon request, we can provide a cost to help your association’s capital projects move smoothly via our Capital Coordinators. Vendor coordination, board and owner communication, onsite/logistics planning and consistent updates will reduce the stresses these endeavors bring.
✔ ✔ ✔
project loansProject Loans
?We also can provide the resources to help secure financing options, track loan payments and amortization, and manage special assessments so the board can rest assured that inflows and outflows are precise and timely.
✔ ✔ ✔

*During business hours

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How many years have you been in business?

    We were founded in 2006.

  • How many associations do you manage?

    We’re proud to call more than 50,000 communities, comprising condominium, townhome, cooperative and homeowner associations, our clients.

  • What size of associations do you work with?

    Westward360 has packages to fit any size association. No association is too big or too small.


  • Do you have a web-based platform?

    Yes, of course. Our clients love the Vantaca® platform. It allows them to easily pay assessments, make requests and get association information whenever they need it.

  • Are we able to see financials real time?

    Definitely. The Vantaca® platform allows you to see all income and expense detail in real time. It also allows you to easily produce robust financial reports.

Response Time

  • Is emergency service included? How does it work?

    Yes, you can call us toll-free any time, day or night, and a Westward360 employee will answer the phone to address your needs – not an answering service.

  • What’s your response time for non-emergencies?

    Your requests are important to us. We are committed to responding to you within 1 business day and our internal task system can prove it!

  • What’s your response time for emergencies?

    We are here for you 24/7 to take your emergency calls and get you the help you need immediately.

Community Managers

  • How many buildings do your community managers manage?

    Full-time on-site community managers are dedicated to their assigned building and supported by a supervisor with no more than 5 managers reporting to them.

    Premier community managers oversee between 4-12 buildings depending on the size of each building. They are also supported by a dedicated assistant property manager.

    Full service properties are supported by a management team that has an average building to team member of under 10 buildings per person.

    We pride ourselves on low building-to-manager ratios and are committed to maintaining those ratios for our clients and managers.

  • How often is the manager on site?

    Depending on management service level, some managers work on site every day, some are on site bi-monthly – some associations only require annual visits.

  • How often do you inspect the property?

    At a minimum, we provide a detailed inspection and report annually. Depending upon the management service level, associations may qualify for seasonal inspection reporting. Additional inspections are always available.

  • Do you attend meetings?

    Community managers attend meetings both in-person and virtually.

  • Do you help in drafting the annual budget?

    Yes, Westward360 guides your annual budget preparation every step of the way. Your financial history, savings opportunities, future plans and improvements are all taken into consideration.

  • Do you manage approved maintenance projects?

    Our team manages the day-to-day issues that pop up, but also manages your budgeted projects and recurring maintenance. Everything starts with a scope of work, comparable bids when necessary, contracting of the vendor, and report on status through completion.

  • Do you offer capital improvement project management services?

    Upon request, we can provide a proposal to help your association’s capital projects move smoothly via our Capital Coordinators. Vendor coordination, board and owner communication, onsite/logistics, and consistent updates will reduce the stresses these endeavors bring.

  • Are task requests reportable to the board?

    Yes, the board gets routine updates via our task system. Each and every task is time-stamped and includes details such as status and history. Upon request we can generate reports to show all tasks initiated and completed during a time period.


  • Do you have a preferred vendor network?

    Yes, we have access to a network of thousands of vendors. Our network has been carefully vetted for licensing and insurance – plus they are highly rated for value, responsiveness and quality of work.

  • How do you vet and qualify vendors?

    We have a Compliance Department dedicated to collecting certificates of insurance, W9 documentation, and proof of licensing. We also evaluate them and assign a rating for value, responsiveness, and quality of work.

  • Do you have in-house services?

    Yes, Westward PROS. We’re here for all the jobs, especially those that nobody wants. PROS services include: janitorial, landscaping, snow removal, plumbing, electrical, roofing, heating & air, fire safety and handyman services. Our dispatch and operations teams use technology and automation to provide frequent communication and to ensure responsiveness.

  • Can we use our own vendors?

    Absolutely. You can always use the vendor of your choice.

  • At your scale, are you able to find savings for maintenance services and contracts?

    Based on our portfolio size we receive bulk discounts and are able to provide savings on services such as trash removal, gas & electric, insurance, banking and more.


  • Can you help us create rules and regulations?

    Definitely. Based on the scale of our portfolio we can provide many examples of rules and regulations that create safety, value and community for your association.

  • Can you address violations?

    Certainly. Our office is the front line in noting violations and issuing notice based on your rules and regulations. We remove this burden from our boards.

  • Is there a process to address delinquency?

    Delinquencies are a reality. We’re here to help. Late fees and notifications are automatic. The board of directors is always in the know on delinquency issues and options for resolution.

  • How long is your contract and what is your termination clause?

    Westward360 agreements include a flexible out-clause dependent upon service level.

  • What is the process for onboarding?

    Westward360 makes the transition easy. We handle things directly with your existing management company. We develop welcome packets, do meet-and-greets, schedule building inspections, perform our budget analysis, file for change-of-address and complete financial reconciliations, to name a few points in the process.

Accounting & Financial

  • What banking institution will our operating account be with?

    Vantaca® integrates directly with your operating account so that you are able to see income, expense, and all financial reporting real-time.

  • Who are signers on our operating account?

    The operating account is opened in the Association’s name. Westward360 has designated signers to securely process payments as needed.

  • Where is the reserve account held?

    Reserve accounts can be held at the bank of your choice and are separate from the operating account.

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