Westarity is a 501c3 nonprofit organization managed by the employees of our parent company, Outer Banks Capital. We support charitable initiatives around the world and provide financial support to our employees during hardship or unexpected financial emergencies. One of our core values is TEAM. And we’re doing our part to help those that require our assistance.

100% of all donations made to Westarity go to fund the charitable work that is our mission and is matched by our parent company Outer Banks Capital. Westarity operates with ZERO operating costs and ZERO payroll. Every cent of your donation goes to work helping us to help those that need it.


Our Mission Statement

Empower our team to provide hope, opportunity and support for those in need.

Meet Our Committee


  • Jenny Cruz (HR rep based out of Chicago, IL)
  • Michelle Rodriguez (CAM PM/Office Mgr based out of Woodstock, IL)


  • Adela Morales (CAM PM based out of Chicago, IL)
  • Elissa Marcus (CAM PM based out of Los Angeles, CA)
  • Rita Sprudzs (CAM PM based out of Chicago, IL)

Donate To Westarity​

Each donation will directly support Westarity’s mission statement and contribute to our 2022 selected charities. For each donation received, Westward360 will match the amount.