The PROS and CONS of Onsite & Hybrid-Onsite Management.

Do you really need a community manager onsite for 40 hours a week? Because of technology, we believe having a full-time community manager onsite is no longer a requirement– that’s why we developed our hybrid-onsite solution. However, there are both positives and negatives for each option. Here are the pros and cons of having a full-time onsite manager vs a hybrid-onsite manager.

Onsite Management: The Pros

  • Onsite presence with 40 hours a week ensures the manager has a pulse of property, staff and residents.
  • The community manager is only focused on one property at a time.
  • Being onsite full-time ensures the staff stays on task.

Onsite Management: The Cons

  • The manager’s salary and benefits are 100% the responsibility of the association.
  • With residents able to walk into the management office anytime, your property manager may find it difficult to focus on more involved tasks, such as long term preventative maintenance planning, budget analysis or attending to other Board priorities. 
  • Turnover for onsite managers can be high as burnout can frequently occur.
  • Hiring can be difficult because property managers prefer to have more flexibility in their work schedules.

Hybrid-Onsite Management: The Pros

  • Hybrid-onsite management results in lower costs, as the association is not responsible for 100% of the salary and benefits of the management staff.
  • Higher retention rate (the best managers now want schedule flexibility).
  • Time is used more efficiently with fewer distractions and without the property manager dealing with lots of unscheduled walk-ins.

Hybrid-Onsite Management: The Cons

  • Some residents will find not having a property manager in the office 40 hours a week unsettling after being used to being able to drop-in, anytime.
  • Less time at the property can mean the property manager is not as up to date on what’s going on in the building.

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