Breaking the Mold: Thriving with a Hybrid Approach – No Need for 5 Days of Onsite Property Management!

Embracing the advancements in technology has liberated property management from the necessity of a full-time onsite manager. However, recognizing that certain aspects still require a human touch, we have pioneered a hybrid solution that seamlessly integrates technology with personalized service. Here are the key advantages of our hybrid onsite management model:

Cost-Effective Quality Management

Our hybrid model offers the flexibility of having a manager onsite for up to three days a week. This limited onsite presence translates to significant cost savings for your Association. By avoiding the expenses tied to a full-time salary and benefits, you can allocate resources more efficiently. This option ensures that your property manager is available when needed, addressing in-person tasks, liaising with vendors, and staying attuned to the dynamics of your community.

Talent Retention

In line with the broader trend of embracing hybrid-remote work options, we’ve observed that top management professionals in the industry value flexibility. Opting for our hybrid onsite management not only caters to this preference but also positions your Association to attract and retain high-quality property managers. The result is less turnover and a more stable and proficient management team.

Tailored Flexibility

At Westward360, our hybrid option empowers you to tailor onsite management to your specific requirements. Choose between one to three days of onsite management based on your Association’s unique needs. Our pricing, starting from $15 per unit per month plus $400 per day, provides a customizable and cost-effective solution. For more details on how Westward360 can enhance your Association’s management, visit our website.