Does Your Dryer Vent Need to Be Replaced?

dryer vent
Is your dryer vented properly? Use this guide to know when your dryer vent needs replaced, and how to successfully install the new one.

Step 1 – Inspect the vent

  • Outside of the building, loosen the vent by cutting the four sides of the dryer vent away from the wall with a utility knife. If there are screws or other metal fasteners, remove them as needed. 
  • Inspect inside the vent for anything that could be blocking the air flow, such as excess lint or a birds’ nest. If it is clogged with lint or the vent blades are damaged or broken, it’s time for a new one.

Step 2 – Install the replacement

  • Purchase a dryer vent replacement that is the exact size of your previous vent. It’s important to fit the dimensions exactly so there is no room for pests, animals, or weather to slip through the cracks. Having the correct dryer exhaust ductwork helps to keep residents safe by minimizing fire risk from your dryer.
  • Before inserting the new dryer vent into the wall, line the edges with caulk to create a clean seal between the building exterior and interior. Clear caulk will help to match any facade. 
  • Slide the new dryer into the opening and press firmly to seal the caulk.

Step 3 – Reattach dryer tube.

Go inside to reattach the dryer tube to your new vent. Slide the tube onto the opening and reattach by tightening the pipe clamp with a screwdriver. 

If dryers vents are not handled properly, they could create a dangerous fire hazard. Foil dryer vent ducts are extremely flammable, especially when clogged with dryer lint. It is imperative that you maintain regular maintenance as a preventive safety measure for your residents.

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